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THAT’S ALL FOR THIS YEAR, FOLKS! We’ve loved it! We’re super grateful to everyone who was involved in the 2019 show – it was a great one! Thanks to our visitors and members for your support – we couldn’t carry on without you.
Next step is our AGM, around February, where we traditionally vote to host the next show. If you’re a VP, keep an eye out for your invite!
Check our Facebook page – Poynton Show (official) – we’ll keep you updated with the latest news, and you’ll find lots of Photos and Videos of The Show.
You can be involved with The Show by being a Volunteer – email us at, or message us on Facebook.
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Poynton Show

Show Timetable 2019


Entertainment Timetables

The Poynton Show Main ring is where our big entertainment acts happen.
We have seating areas around the ring, and why not upgrade to become a VP to enjoy extra benefits?
We can even advertise your business around the ring!



11.30 am The Lamb National
12.00 pm Moto Stunts International
12.30 pm Equestrian Event (Chase Me Charlie)
13:15 pm Vintage Machinery
13:35 pm Hare & Hounds Classic Cars
14:00 pm Tug of War
14.20 pm Shire Horses
15.00 pm Grand Parade
15.30 pm Shire Horse Turnout Demonstration
16.00 pm The Lamb National
16:30 pm Moto Stunts International


12:00 pm Dangerous Steve
12:30 pm Cheer Leaders, Pixie Cheer
13:00 pm Hawk Walk British Birds of Prey
13:30 pm Poynton Male Voice Choir
14:00 pm Pet Show
14:30 pm Cheer Leaders, Pixie Cheer
15:00 pm Poynton Male Voice Choir
15:30 pm Hawk Walk British Birds of Prey
16:00 pm Dangerous Steve

*All times are subject to change for a number of reasons such as availability, serviceability of equipment
and animal welfare to ensure the smooth running of our entertainment schedule.



Imagine FM Stage

11:00am NK theatre arts
11.30am Trolls
12:00pm LCA theatre school
12.30pm Alex Stewart
1.00pm Abba Tribute
1.30pm Jack Woodward
2.00pm A Million Dreams Greatest Showman Show
2.30pm 5 star unique
3.00pm Alex Stewart
3.30pm Steph
4.00pm Alex Lees
4.30pm Roy Bennett


*Times are subject to change