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**Poynton Show 2019 will take place on Saturday 24th August 2019 – we look forward to seeing you there!**
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Poynton Show



Welcome to the Poultry Section of Poynton Show!

We welcome applicants to show their own Poultry using the form and schedule downloadable from this page.

Poultry Show affiliated to and run under Poultry Club of Great Britain Rules

Closing date for entries Monday 20th August 2018.

No late entries accepted


Please state if you require non standard size pens for your birds (tall birds and birds with long tails).

No identification factors to be on the bird,
or in the pen please.

Penning from 8.30 am
Judging 10 am
Lifting 4.30pm
Exhibits can not be penned after 10am
Cups presented at 3pm

Winners in 2017
Ken Lewis Trophy for Show Champion
Geoff Tinson

Tom Croft Trophy For Reserve Show Champion
Nicholas Pendleton-Mcgrath

Manchester Show Challenge Trophy for best Soft Feather Bantam
Sally & tevor Bramwell

Parrswood Trust Shield for Best Soft Feather Large
Geoff Tinson

Len Holden Cup for best Juvenile Fancier
A & L Elwell

Parrswood Rural Trust Cup for Best Eggs
Ben Beard

Brian Leigh £5 Prize for Best Children’s Pet Hen
A & L Ellwell

Brian Leigh Best Junior

A & L Ellwell

JUDGES FOR 2018 – Jacqui Moore

Poultry Committee:

J., J. &J. Parrott

Postal Address

Poynton Show (poultry),
c/o PRBL, Georges Road West,
Poynton. SK12 1JY

01625 872 065


Thank you for your support

Please note the details you provide are not used for any other purpose and will not be divulged to any 3rd party