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THAT’S ALL FOR THIS YEAR, FOLKS! We’ve loved it! We’re super grateful to everyone who was involved in the 2019 show – it was a great one! Thanks to our visitors and members for your support – we couldn’t carry on without you.
Next step is our AGM, around February, where we traditionally vote to host the next show. If you’re a VP, keep an eye out for your invite!
Check our Facebook page – Poynton Show (official) – we’ll keep you updated with the latest news, and you’ll find lots of Photos and Videos of The Show.
You can be involved with The Show by being a Volunteer – email us at, or message us on Facebook.
Why not contact our teams for Trade stalls, Food, craft businesses at,, and

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Do You Own Sheep and would like to show them at Poynton Show?

Sheep are Special!

Sheep are marvellous animals and have many benefits-they provide us with meat, milk, wool, hides, skins and also soap and candles can be made from their fat. They also control vegetation through their grazing and sculpture our landscapes. Seeing a field or mountain-side dotted with sheep is an uplifting sight. There are hundreds of different breeds around the world, some live in mountain forests, some live in deserts and some live on our lovely, lush green Cheshire pastures.
Sheep come in all different colours, shapes and sizes.

They should be celebrated! That is what we hope to do at the Poynton Show.
We will show you a variety of different breeds as well as a variety of their products and uses. The WI knitters will be demonstrating their talents with wool and there will be all sorts of other events and displays.
Please visit us and marvel with us the wonder of Sheep.

Do You Own Sheep and would like to show them at the Poynton Show?

We introduced something different last year-we want to have an exhibition
of sheep rather than a show where sheep are judged.
We have noticed that people want to know all about the sheep and the
different breeds and why some owners choose one breed rather than
another. They want to meet sheep and talk sheep!
We therefore would love you to attend this year and bring some sheep.
Your sheep can be any breed, any age, commercial, pedigree or pet. They
don’t have to be show-ready. 

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or from
Poynton Show (sheep),
c/o PRBL, Georges Road West,
SK12 1JY

Sheep secretary – 07737 081568

01625 872 065

Sheep Committee:

(Laura Pendleton and Nick Pendleton-McGrath)


Thank you for your support

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