27th August 2022

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We’re delighted to announce that from 2022, the Poynton Show Equestrian section will be run by the team at MILL FARM RIDING SCHOOL in Hazel Grove!

With a packed schedule, consisting of 3 rings and 26 planned classes, there is something for every horse lover!

Classes below are planned and in draft for 2022.

PRIZE MONEY: 1ST–£10 : 2ND– £5
JUDGE: Jo Sutheran
CHIEF Steward: Jessica Lee

Clear round 8.30 until 10am (pay on the day £5 per time)

Class 1
Tots / Beginner Jumping (not to exceed 40cm) Rider 10 years and under.

Class 2
Novice pony (pony not to exceed 14.2) first jump not to exceed 50c

Class 3
Scurry (one round against the clock) first fence not to exceed 60cm1

Class 4
Pairs Jumping (Both pairs to enter) first fence not to exceed 60cm.

Class 5
Novice Horse (14.2 and over) first fence not to exceed 65cm

Class 6
 Improvers. First fence not to exceed 75cm.

Class 7
Intermediate. First fence not to exceed 85cm

Class 8
Open. first fence not to exceed 95cm..

Class 9
Puissance (In the main ring) Start fence (wall) 80cm. Prize money – £50 (winner).

As it is a local Show any horse with £130 BSJA winnings cannot compete

PRIZE MONEY: 1ST–£10 : 2ND– £5
JUDGE: Stella Woodall
CHIEF Steward: Grace Dixon

Clear round 8.30 until 10am (pay on the day £5 per time)

Class 10
Tack and Turnout mounted, to be judged on correct/appropriate tack and turnout of both horse/pony and rider

Class 11
Ridden Showing (Horse pony any height. Rider any age

Class 12
Ridden coloured (Horse pony any height)

Class 13
Ridden Mountain & Moorland. Open to all m&m types to be shown in natural state.

Class 14
First Ridden showing riders 8 years and over. Ponies not to exceed 128cm

Class 15
Lead rein showing. Riders 10yrs and under ponies 122cm and under

Class 16
Ridden Veteran Horse /pony. 16yrs and over.

Class 17
Junior equitation Horse/pony any height. Rider 14yrs and under.

Class 18
Senior equitation. Horse/pony any height. Rider 15yrs and over.

All 1st prize winners from classes 11, 14, 16, 15 will all go forward to the Championship

PRIZE MONEY: 1ST–£10 : 2ND– £5
JUDGE: Kara Roylance
CHIEF Steward: Olivia Boakes

Clear round 8.30 until 10am (pay on the day £5 per time)

Class 19
Welsh A B C and D

Class 20
In Hand Veteran

Class 21
Tack and Turnout inhand. Horse/pony any height. To be judged weighted as 75% condition, 25% Turnout on both handler on horse/pony.

Class 22
In hand coloured

Class 23
Veteran Inhand. Horse/Pony 16 yrs and over.

Class 24
Mountain and Moorland inhand open to all m&m types to be shown in natural state.

Class 25
Young stock yearlings, 2 or 3 yr old (Age as of 1st Jan 2022)

Class 26
Fancy Dress.

Useful Information

For urgent enquiries, see below

or from
Poynton Show ,
c/o PRBL, Georges Road West,
SK12 1JY

Mill Farm Riding School, Wellington Road, Hazel Grove. SK7 6NQ

Equestrian Committee:

New Committee for 2022!

Equestrian Organiser: Mrs Gillian Lallement

Assistant organisers:

Ms Helen Harrison, Miss Jessica Lee, Miss Grace Dixon, M Olivia Boakes, Miss Natasha Lewry, Mr Michael Branson, Mr Brent Lallement, Mr John Doheny, Mr Sam Garner


All horses must have been vaccinated to comply with the requirements of the primary course (1st vaccination and then 2nd vaccination between 21 – 92 days later), followed by the first booster (150 – 215 days) and all subsequent boosters.  Horses may compete having received the primary course and prior to the first booster but not within 7 days of receiving a vaccine dose.

Horses must have been vaccinated within 6 months before the show but not less than 7 days of arriving at the show.


In-foal mares that have already had vaccinations of primary Equine Influenza course should be vaccinated 4-6 weeks before the foal is due to be born.

Foals should be vaccinated for Equine Influenza at 6 months to commence their primary course.

We urge all owners to adhere to strict bio-security protocols at all times. Vaccinations are subject to local risk assessments by the attending veterinarians.

Venue Information

How to Find Us

Poynton is situated  11 miles south-southeast of Manchester, 7 miles north of Macclesfield, and 5 miles south of Stockport.

Getting There

Poynton Show ground is a short, level walk from Poynton Town centre or a 10 minute walk from Poynton Rail Station


There are a variety of independent B&Bs and hotels in Poynton, as well as a Travel Lodge a short drive from the showground.