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Health and Safety

Health & Safety

Health & Safety Policy Statement

 Poynton Horticultural & Agricultural Society Ltd is responsible for ensuring the health, safety and welfare of its staff, volunteers and any others who may be affected by its activities.  The following  sets out the general approach for managing health and safety.

The Society will comply with all relevant legislation and follow best practice.  The Society will ensure that sufficient resources are provided to ensure its health and safety obligations are met.

Risk Assessment.

All those who carry out the Society’s activities have a responsibility not to endanger themselves or others.  Health and safety is the responsibility of all persons at all levels and adequate support will be provided to enable all to fulfil these responsibilities.

The Society will provide strong and active health and safety leadership and encourage involvement at all levels of all its activities.

To comply with relevant health and safety legislation the Society will:


  • Provide adequate control of the health and safety risks arising from the Society’s activities.
  • Undertake risk assessments, implement the identified control measures and ensure that safe systems of work are applied in relation to all activities including emergency evacuation procedures.
  • Ensure the showground, the Society’s plant, equipment and vehicles are safe, maintained and suitable for purpose.
  • Provide relevant and timely information, instruction, training and supervision for its staff, volunteers, exhibitors, contractors and visitors.
  • Ensure safe and suitable arrangements are in place to use, handle, store and transport substances required for its activities.
  • Consult with its staff, volunteers, exhibitors, contractors and visitors to ensure a continual exchange of information.
  • Provide and maintain a safe and healthy working environment including safe access arrangements and suitable welfare facilities as well as safe egress especially in the event of an emergency.
  • Provide first aid equipment and trained personnel to provide treatment in the case of accident or ill-health to staff, volunteers, exhibitors, contractors or visitors to the show.
  • Make available free of charge all necessary safety devices and protective equipment and supervise their use.
  • Take steps to assess the competence of any contractor we engage and to ensure that information is exchanged on matters relevant to health and safety.
  • Monitor activities regularly to ensure continual improvement


This health and safety policy statement will be reviewed annually.


Signed:    Nicholas Bridge


                 10th April 2019