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1885 - 2012
August 23rd 2014 – For the first time ever, we welcomed the Monster Trucks “Big Pete” and “The Grim Reaper”. They thoroughly enjoyed themselves, crushing cars in the Main Ring, much to the delight of the crowds.

August 24th 2013 - For the first time in over 30 years, we hosted the 'National Show' of the British Gladiolus Society. Did anyone see Dame Edna Everage? "The Devil's Horsemen", with top professional TV & Film stunt man Daniel Naprous, performed 'Roman Chariot Racing' and delighted the crowd with their antics.

August 25th 2012 - The "White Helmets" (The Royal Signals Motorcycle Display Team), demonstrated superb riding & balancing skills, on their trademark "Triumph" motorcycles. One of the worst years of bad weather for the UK, in living memory but we still staged a great Show. However, it was the first time we've had a thunderstorm, on Show Day! Mud anyone?

August 27th 2011 – We welcomed back "BullDog Lings", with their fantastic motorcycle stunt show.

August 28th 2010 – This year we celebrated the 125th Anniversary of Poynton Horticultural and Agricultural Society.

August 29th 2009 – For the first time since 1970 we had aircraft at the Show. A Bell Huey helicopter flew in and became a static display and there were two fantastic, aerobatic displays that had everyone on the Showground looking up into the sky. The pilot had flown down from Scotland……for the day!

August 23rd 2008 – On a sunny day, the “Bold Dog Motorcycle Stunt Team” performed the most amazing stunts we have ever seen, at Poynton Show. Using their lorry, specially adapted with a ramp at each end, the ‘Team performed their jumps, twists & turns in mid-air, at a height of 30 feet above the ground!

August 25th 2007 – “The Knights of the Damned” kept the crowds entertained with high-speed performances of carefully choreographed stunts, both on horseback and also fighting, on foot.

August 26th 2006 – Although a cloudy Show Day, a large crowd enjoyed the “Jumpin’ Jake Semtex” stunt show. Jake, the British Wheelie King (64 miles non stop!), performed wheelies, jumps and finished with an ‘exploding car’ jump – well he’s not called Jake Semtex for nothing!

August 27th 2005 – Along with a straw baling demonstration, Poynton Fire Service gave an excellent demonstration of how they deal with an accident, where a motorist is trapped in a car. In the evening, “Monkey Harris”, a 6-piece covers band performed and entertained the crowds.

August 28th 2004 – Atrocious weather the week before Show Day almost caused it to be cancelled but the day itself was fair. “The Mega Mini Stunt Show” entertained the crowds and an unusual attraction was some Alpacas.

August 23rd 2003 – “The Company of Horsemen” performed a variety of stunts, trick-riding and an excellent Jousting Tournament. The “Bourbon Street Roof Raisers” played jazz music, all around the Showground to the delight of our visitors.

August 24th 2002 – Sally-Anne Bromley, from the Bull’s Head, won 1st Prize with her cherry-free version of a Dundee cake. Last year her entry was ousted by the Judges, for containing cherries, even though that recipe was one of Delia Smith’s. Indeed the 2001 ‘cherries’ issue made the national headlines and a whole page was dedicated to it, in the Daily Mail newspaper!

August 25th 2001 – There were no cattle or sheep at the show due to the ‘foot & mouth’ epidemic. Instead we supported the agricultural community by holding a Farmer’s Market, on that area of the showground. We welcomed Mr. William Bromley-Davenport [Lord Lieutenant of Cheshire] as our new Patron. The Main Ring attractions included James Dylan’s “Stunt World Fire High Dive”, where James (in flames) dived off the top of a 50-foot high tower, onto an exploding airbag!

August 26th 2000 - The 100th Show was celebrated with "Roman Chariot" racing, once again with the TV & film stunt man Gerard Naprous and his son Daniel. We were joined by Granada Tonight's wacky reporter, Paul Crone and in the evening "The Screaming Beavers" entertained a sell-out crowd.

August 23rd 1997 - The open "Cow Racing" championship was held, sponsored by Lancashire Dairies, where the animals were enticed along with a bucket of corn. 'Colonel Montague's Regiment of Foote' camped on the Showground and performed English Civil War re-enactments, with mounted dragoons & pike men.

August 26th 1995 - The Greater Manchester Youth Field Gun Association held a competition in the Main Ring, similar to those in the Royal Tournament.

August 27th 1994 - 'The Royal Signals White Helmets', motorcycle display team entertained the crowds. The layout of the Showground was radically changed and it remains very similar today.

August 26th 1989 - Camel racing was the main ring attraction and Highland Cattle were exhibited at the show for the first time.

August 1988 - There was a carnival procession, through the village and onto the Showground. It was well supported by the local pubs/clubs, businesses and local organisations.

August 24th 1985 - The Centenary of the 'Society was celebrated with a variety of special exhibits & attractions and 'monsoon rains'! In the evening, Kenny Ball & his Jazz Men entertained.

August 1982 - "Roman Chariot" racing with top British equine TV & film stunt man Gerard Naprous.

August 1978 - A star appearance by the world famous racehorse, Red Rum, drew the largest attendance of all time.

August 1977- HM Queen's Jubilee celebrations were themed throughout the Show.

August 1971 - We hosted the "Ten Counties" competition for Police Dog handlers.

August 27th 1970 - Biggest ever show this year, attracting over 35,000 visitors.The "Blue Eagles" army display team performed a 'square dance' over Poynton Pool; with four helicopters!It is the 70th show and has an added attraction -
A veteran car parade and rally.

August 27th 1954 - Show cancelled due to the ground being inundated after heavy rain turning it in to a quagmire.

January 25th 1946 - There has been no show since 1939 and it has been decided to restart it this coming August.

September 6th 1935 - Poynton Show breaks all records with nearly 10,000 visitors.

November 14th 1914 - Owing to the outbreak of war, Poynton Show has been abandoned.

August 24th 1900 - Large number of entries this year and Poynton band is in attendance. Due to the wet weather the gate money was down by £40 on last year.

August 28th 1896 - Pony races, Horse jumping, boating and fireworks were the attractions at this years Show.

September 6th 1889 - The Show opposite the Vernon Arms was well attended with a fair, being arranged in the village for the first time.

September 18th 1885 - Horticultural show. Great support from the cottagers with Flowers, Fruit & Vegetables.

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